Thursday, 22 February 2018

Whole Class "digital experience"

Today our whole class attempted to go onto our devices - logging in with our school emails and passwords.  Some of us really struggled but eventually we all managed to get on the Internet.
We watched  2 videos about cyber safety.  Then we logged into our studyladder accounts, went onto our school website and class blogs and some even made comments.

Before we started we needed to move our furniture.


  1. How are you doing with your devices Room 16?

    Jessica Room 18

  2. Well done Room 16. This is the start of an exciting learning journey for you. Did you know that I can see all your learning work too in your Google Drive? That way I can check you are being a super digital citizen and using the Drive, Mail and learning appropriately. Good luck with working in this way!

  3. What super techies you are. Well done Room 16. Great that you are learning about cyber safety too