Thursday, 1 March 2018


Over the last few days Room 16 has been discussing money and banks.  We even explored Whaea's wallet.  Whaea has signed our class into Banqer.

Banqer is an interactive virtual economy where my students will explore income, expenses, and budgeting.

This morning Room 16 logged into the Banqer site, logged in using our Banqer logins, took part in a quiz where we all earnt $100.00 and selected our own avatars.

I am excited about Banqer, we will be managing our bank accounts and money over the year and will do this at least once a week as part of our maths programme.

Banqer also has Parent Portal where parents will be able to see what is happening in their children's Virtual Bank World.  I  will sign in for this soon.

In the meantime money yeaaaay!


  1. wow! so many chromebooks great job room 16

  2. you are working so hard room 16