Thursday, 1 March 2018

"Get NZ Writing"

Today we received our Get NZ Writing.

Aaron and Cimone opened our box - our buddy school is in Stokes Valley.

We will keep you all posted on what happens.


  1. Cimone said they're students from Wellington. Such a lovely idea. The anticipation of opening "snail mails" is back <3

  2. I like your guys teamwork.

  3. How exciting Room 16 to be part of this nation wide writing activity! I wonder who your buddy class will end up being? I look forward to finding out through your blog posts.

  4. HI R16 We received a box too!! Our box of goodies is very exciting - we are looking forward to learning how to write to a class in Karori, Wellington. Maybe we can share our postcards when we are finished writing them?

  5. Banqer sounds very awesome Room 16. Gosh how exciting managing your own bank accounts and money.