Wednesday, 14 March 2018

"Good Sorts"

Our trip to the museum is our introduction to our new inquiry "Our Heroes" or a "Good Sort"

With our Educator, Leichelle, we learnt about lighthouses and the people who manned them and how isolated they were.  They are indeed heroes for lighting the way for boats and ships at night.

We learnt about Sir Peter Blake.  Not only was he a world famous sailor but his passion was the protection of the world's waters.  He was a hero because he helped animals, an advocate for keeping our waters clear of plastic and rubbish etc.

She talked about our surf life savers and  the wonderful jobs they do often voluntary to save others.


  1. What a wonderful opportunity to explore Good Sorts. It sounds like you had a great experience and learnt a lot about Sir Peter Blake and other "good sorts".

  2. Sounds like an awesome trip. Sir Peter Blake was an amazing leader and is a great hero to study.

  3. I think it was really fun and interesting

  4. Room 16 do a lots of cool things