Friday, 2 March 2018

Whole School Assembly Friday 2 March 2018

Mrs Driver talked to us about shining at Sunnyhills.   She also talked about voting on the School-gen System - we are hoping we get somewhere in the competition.

It was nice to have a bit of a kanikani (dance) to Meaghan Trainors' Better When I'm Dancing.

Well done to Cimone, the recipient of this weeks Principals Certificate for Excellent effort in Writing.  Well done Cimone!

There was an awesome piano performance by Danya R18.  Also Brodie and Jessica did an amazing Gymnastics Dance.

The Weetbix Triathlon Certificates were given out to those children who participated.  Well done to Roman and Sophie for representing R16.  Kapai  to mahi Roman and Sophie.


  1. Congratulations Cimone- you have been working hard. Well done to Roman and Sophie for representing R16 at The Weetbix Triathlon.

  2. I loved seeing your class join in the dancing R16! Mrs Trembath!

  3. That is me,holding the certificate.