Monday, 25 June 2018

Our Assembly Friday 22 Jun

After much waiting it was finally the day our assembly!

There was much fun, especially with our silent song everyone needed to know the words of the song to ensure their whiteboards were shown at the right time.

Well done Cassie and Alex for excellent leadership of the assembly you can be proud of your efforts.  Also huge ups to Oliver  you are the best dancing tiger I know!

Room 16 you all made the assembly great Whaea really appreciates your efforts.  Special thanks to Liam for being our mystery student.

A special mention to Mrs D and Room 24 awesome ukulele playing.  Finally thank you to Miss B and Mrs B and Rooms 9 and 9A wonderful artwork!

Our Class certificates went to:

Olivia for excellent effort in maths
Roman for great effort in finishing his work on time

Matthew for excellent effort in spelling


  1. I LOVED your silent song. It must have taken lots of practice.

  2. Congratulations Room 16 on your amazing assembly. We really enjoyed it and it was the best assembly we have been to! You all did a great job.
    Paul and Melissa (Liam's parents)

  3. Congratulations on a wonderful assembly item. How clever to perform a silent song! I wish I had video recorded it, unfortunately I didn't have enough space on my phone. The photos that whaea has captured show the essence of your great show! Thank you

  4. I WAS A PRESENTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Just in case you don't know who I am, I'm Cassie)

  5. yay, it took so long to practise