Thursday, 20 September 2018

Going Green/Gold!!!

Today Sunnyhills School is going for our Enviro Schools Green/Gold Certification.

We started with a whole school assembly.

Kapai Kapahaka for your haka powhiri.  Well done!!

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Koru Whanau Assembly Fri 14 Sep 2018

On Friday Room 16 did an awesome job of leading the Koru Whanau Assembly.  Shreya and Nelsen were our presenters - they managed to deliver the whole assembly script from memory.   WOW Well done!!!

Room 16 performed a class play "The Spy Meeting"  Mickey Malony was played by Rhys, Mr Big Wig - Roman, The Postie - Liam, Narrator - Matthew.  The Spy People - the rest of the class.

Our class certificate was awarded to Victor for being an awesome sport and support Kapai.

Friday, 7 September 2018

Whole School Assembly Fri 7 September 2018

Today we had a wonderful Assembly.  Mrs Driver spoke to us about our Sunnyhills GEMS and thanked the PTA for their wonderful organisation on our recent Fathers Day breakfast.

The choir performed 3 songs including Listen to the Music and Potato.

Mrs Venville presented some gymnastics certificates.  Well done to those who recieved these.

Our talented School  instrumental group performed for us.  They were great.

R16 Principal's Certificate this week goes to Max for excellent effort and progress in Reading.  Well deserved Max thank you.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Houses or Homes

Today we started to construct our structures.  We know we need shelters that are warm to survive.

We learnt that there are many different types of houses.  They depend on where they are built i.e. an igloo in the ice or a tent in hot places.

A house gives us warmth, shelter, and protection.  It keeps us safe, dry is a place   foy play or rest and a place to store our stuff.

Monday, 3 September 2018

Science in a Van

This morning we were fortunate to go to the Science in a Van show.

The van travels to many schools in NZ presenting experiments and science experiments.  We looked at a twirling black and white disk for 10 seconds then looked at Alan, guess what his head grew bigger before our eyes.  Miss Fullard sat on a seat of nails and her bortom didnt pop.  At 11.30 Koru Whanau  will come back to the hall for another show, can't wait!

Friday, 31 August 2018

Farewell to Noah

Today is Noah's last day in Room 16.  We will miss you Noah it was awesome to have you with us.

Have a safe journey home, dont forget us and hopefully come back next year!

Fathers day breakfast / Daffodil Day

Today some R16 children were very excited to have breakfast with their Dads and also fly their paper planes.  Thank you Dads for supporting the Fathers Day Breakfast fundraiser.

Today is also the Cancer Society Daffodil Fundraiser - Thank you for your overwhelming donations.  The children certainly love coming to school in mufti and recieving their Daffodils.