Monday, 17 December 2018

Monday Musings

When we arrived at school this morning we wondered if Santa Junior would be in our class.  We have 1 and a half days of school left, today and tomorrow!

We found white balls that looked like snow on our chairs and desks and on the floor.  We found him in a tub of snow with 2 messages saying:
"......nearly time to go home....."
and finally
"......are you naughty or nice?....."  

Are you naughtly or nice???
......nearly time to go home......
Snow on our carpet

Friday Freedom

Friday Freedom

Hi everyone - it is Friday and we are waiting to go into R16.  It is also our Fun Day yeeaay!!

When we found Santa Junior he was hugging Miss Buggy so tight.......we think they may be in love!!  They were both holding Whaea's "I love you" Balloon.  And oh yes.....scattered around them were Hersheys' Kisses.

Haha we may have an Elfy wedding soon or maybe Miss Buggy is sick of all the messes Santa Junior has created over the last few days.

What do you think??

The two love birds are found....
Aren't they cute??

Friday, 14 December 2018

Captured on Thursday

This morning we rushed into Room 16, as we have done since the beginning of the month, to see what Santa Jnr got up to overnight.

The boys are learning their manners and instead of pushing they let the girls walk in quietly.  Yeaay you are no doubt on the NICE list.

We found Santa Jnr in a jar - IMPRISONED - by our other toys with Buzzy sitting on top!  There were notes that said:




We think the toys were getting a wee bit tired of all the messes Santa Jnr has created.
Has Santa Jnr learnt his lesson we wonder.  What will happen tomorrow?

Waiting to go into R16
Santa Jnr Captured!
Is Buzzy a hero?
Naughty or Nice?
The boys giving Buzzy the Illuminati eye!

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Wednesday Flight

When we entered Room 16 this morning guess who had made a zipline from the whiteboard to the middle of our room.

Yes you guessed right Santa Jnr!  He really looked like he was having fun!

Then some of us heard "I believe I can fly..."Was it Santa Jnr......haha NO it was Rhys!

Zipline Santa Jnr......I believe I can 

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Tuesday Frolics

Today while we waited to go into our classroom at 8:30am Room 16 children explained that while Whaea was in her meeting yesterday we had a wonderful reliever.  Our class was concerned that she had a bell and used this.

We all knew that when an elf hears a bell they return to Santa and the North Pole.  They explained this and the bell was only used once.  They wondered and hoped that Santa Jnr would return this morning.  OH NO please come back Santa Jnr, please ignore the bell you heard yesterday!

YESSSS!!!! we did indeed find him buttttt.........

OHOH .... he found a GLITTER JAR and yes you guessed it, he tipped the glitter out and made a snow angel on our mat.  Very very messy!  Our other toys tried to make angels as well.  We must of disturbed them before they could make too much mess!!!

We were so happy you came back Santa Jnr.

Santa Jnr Snow Angel!!!!

Monday, 10 December 2018

Monday Escapades

Today Whaea was in a planning meeting all day so we had a relief teacher in Room 16.  We wondered if Santa Jnr would be in our classroom.

YES he was! causing his usual mayhem and keeping an eye on us.  There was paper everywhere, screwed up and scrunched up OMGosh Whaea would not have been happy to see the mess!Santa Jnr with his paper mess!

Friday, 7 December 2018

Our Final Whole School Assembly 2018

Today's assembly is the final one fo 2018.

The Pakuranga Library invited us all to go and get books from the Highland Park, Pakuranga, or Botany Library during the coming holidays.

Well done to Roman for recieving our Principals Certificate for always having a smile and trying his very best.